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Venture capital, a financial innovation of the twentieth century, is a long-term liquid investment, which can be in the form of equity, quasi-equity and sometimes debt in new and high-risk ventures. Venture capital became better known after the famous legend of Apple Computers, which started out in the US in 1977 with the capital firm, Arthur Rock & Co. Apple Computers then made it to the Fortune 500 and Arthur Rock & Co. attained height in Venture capital industry. However the success of Venture Capital in USA stimulated world countries to practice on Venture capital.
A number of technocrats are seeking to set up shop on their own and capitalize on opportunities. In the highly …show more content…

Companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Apple, Federal Express, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Microsoft and Genentech are famous examples of companies that received venture capital early in their development.

In India, these funds are governed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines. According to this, venture capital fund means a fund established in the form of a company or trust, which raises monies through loans, donations, issue of securities or units as the case may be, and makes or proposes to make investments in accordance with these regulations.


Venture Capital is one of the fastest emerging sources of finance for new entrepreneurs. In spite of its increasing popularity, funding via Venture Capital is faced with a number of difficulties. Thus, it is important to study the various aspects of raising funds through Venture Capital.
1. Trends in the Indian Venture Capital Industry.
2. To study the current Indian scenario.
3. To find out the different contributors to the Indian Venture Capital Industry and their investment industry wise.
4. To identify the major players in the Indian Venture capital Industry.
5. To identify the problems faced by the Indian venture Capitalists.
6. To study the various guidelines of the regulatory body “SEBI”.


Major limitation of the project has been the unavailability of current data, of the contributors to

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