Group Reflection Essay

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My group consisted of four people. They were Allie Holley, Triana Stephens, Renee Philips, and myself. Overall, I would say that we all worked very well together. There were some bumps in the road, but I think we completed the task well. We all showed high cohesion and task commitment. Cohesion is how well everyone gets a long and works together during an event or project. I would say we all had high cohesion because we all got along well, and had no disagreements. Although this worked to our benefit, it could have easily not. Our group wasn’t very diverse. We were all white females. The most diverse aspect of our group was the age factor, in which, one of our members was quite a bit older than the other three. We were cohesive in the …show more content…

Multiple times during our meetings group members said, “This is going to be no problem. We’ve got this.”
Another thing we did as a group was pooled team interdependence. Pooled interdependence is when group members each individually work on a task, then everyone’s task are brought together to make a whole. The process we chose was to let everyone come up with their own questions and answers. After this was done, everyone emailed their questions to Allie and she made a PowerPoint presentation out of them. When the PowerPoint was done, she sent it to us individually and we made modifications and corrections until we all agreed on one final version. We chose to do this because we only had approximately a week and a half to prepare. If we would have chosen sequential or reciprocal we wouldn’t have had enough time to rehearse and prepare. Also, one member of our group is older and was confused with some of the aspects of PowerPoint. It was easier for one person who knew how to work it do the entire thing, rather than to show her how to do it.
In our group, I would say we communicated well. We did experience some barriers to communication. Barriers to communication are things that keep the message from being delivered and understood. A particular barrier to communication that we did not experience was gender differences. As I said before, our whole group was made up of women; therefore, there couldn’t be any differences. For there to have gender differences, we would

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