Growing Up In Montana 1948

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I thank my luck stars for being born in Missoula, Montana on March 2, 1997. A time when phones didn’t rule our lives and no one cared about how many like they got on their Instagram. Growing up in Montana I never understood what an equine experience my childhood was until I came to college. I had always thought every kid had spent their summer afternoons romping through the woods or wreaking havoc in their neighborhoods until the sun set in the west. But when I would share stories of these times with kids my age and younger I would always be struck by the same astonished and longing look on their faces, like I was telling them stories out of a children’s book. For many of these kids they grew up in a much different world then me. One where …show more content…

We are provided with a larger starting knowledge base then most, which lends its self to our generation being very skeptical. We are ones that don’t tend to take many things at face value. Since we have grown up in a time where our world around us is changing so rapidly we are forced to take a step back and understand our situation first and react/ form our opinions second. But with this way of approaching the world we fall short a lot of the time to see the small steps that make up the whole picture. Since we are trying so hard to wade through the mass amount information we are bombarded with on a regular basis we have all these over simplified opinions on a lot of subjects without truly understanding them. Take the most recent election for example. You have thousands of adolescents ages 13-20 voicing their opinions on social media without truly knowing what they are talking about. They are going off the small knowledge of the election that they have heard from their parents or the skewed media coverage that pops up on their social media feed. They never spend the time to do any research themselves. This is why, I think we are sometimes labeled as the lazy generation. Our elders see us being slightly educated on a lot of topics but never spending the time to go beyond the …show more content…

We as a generation are one of the first generations that makes the conscious decision to ignore all the stereotypes and take people for people. Since we have this larger exposure to different types of people on social media and through the interwebs, we have a greater perspective on the human experience. It allows us to see other people’s lives in more detail then a quick conversation. We get a chance to see what they do in there every day lives and we see that even though they have a different skin color or political views that they are really no different than us. This unique perspective has been a major benefit for myself in my life. I can think of countless social situations where I could see someone being hung up by stereotypes or stigmas and because of that not reaching out to people around them. I am able to put those aside and take people as people, no different than my person and reach out to them with countless positive repercussions. You can tell that they too wanted to speak to you but were held back by their mental restraints that we as a generation can step around because we are able to see the bigger picture that we are all just

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