Growing Up In Reading

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Future Endeavors Growing up in Reading, Pa is a hardship for the majority of young men and women that live there, like me. Many people think that if you live in reading, or go to any of the surrounding schools like Reading High, you won’t make anything of your life. I grew up with everyone around me saying that, statistically, I would be a high school dropout, a drug addict, have multiple children, and be dependent on the welfare system. It wasn’t until I hit high school that I realized that I could take control of my future and prove them all wrong. For four long years I did everything necessary to ensure I could take the next step after high school. I went to my classes, did my work, did sports and joined every club I could in my spare …show more content…

I was finally starting to see a future where I could go to school doing something I loved and pursue a life outside of Reading, Pa. Then the possibility of that dream went away. I lived in a small home with my two brothers and my mother. Money was always tight, but my mom always did her best to make it work. We had found out that I could receive up to 10,000 dollars in financial aid, but we had to come up with almost 2,000 dollars out of pocket in less than two weeks before I left for preseason for hockey. I was beyond devastated by this news. My closest family and friends tried their best to help out, but the goal of this much money seemed insurmountable. I had resigned myself to not being able attend college at all. I hated to have to do it but I have to call my coach and tell her the bad …show more content…

Coach Hansrote had looked long and hard for a scholarship that would fit my needs. She found a Board of Governors renewable scholarship that would give me 2,235 dollars per semester and it would help me pay the rest of my bill for my entire freshman year of college. She also got me into the Trio program which helped me purchase my textbooks as well. She doesn’t see it more than a coach helping one of her players but I saw it as an act of compassion that put me on the right track to my future. She is the majority of the reason why I am able to attend school today and play the sport I love. Without her selfless act, I would probably still be back in Reading going nowhere with my life. But now I have the chance to make the best of the chance I’ve been given. I plan on repaying her by doing everything I can to make sure that I succeed in all things here at Mansfield

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