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Growing up as a child I didn’t have fancy clothes or name brand shoes like all the other kids. Me being a kid I never really cared for expensive clothing or shoes but I did want the same toys and games that all my friends would get, but my parents always said they were a waste of money. I didn't grow up in the most financially stable home. My mom and dad didn't finish high school because my mom got pregnant with my older sister. So back then my mom didn't have a paid job, the job she had was to stay at home and raise her kids right and get them ready for school while my dad went to work. Whatever money my dad made from his job was our money. In the summer I’d see my friends packing bags and getting excited to go to Disneyland and on vacations …show more content…

When my mom and dad got divorced it was hard on my whole family, especially my mom because she was the glue that had to keep us together, financially and emotionally. My mom had to learn how to adapt to our new life. She had to get 3 jobs just to keep me and my 5 other brothers and sisters under a roof and with food on the table every night. My mom was the glue that kept our family together and stronger than ever. She is a huge impact on who I am today and how strong of a person I am. My mom always gave tough love but it was love. I am grateful for all that I have and for my life. My childhood has shaped me into a mature student, daughter, and person. As a young teen, I was already witnessing life and all the struggles that came along the way so I feel like now I have a better idea of how low a person can get and how hard life can get but you have to stay strong and keep going and things will get easier and better. I do not mean that I’m ready for the real world because I do not think that anyone is ever ready for what life brings but I know that when life pulls you down you have to keep on getting back up and fighting. My childhood and the environment I grew up in made me, Britney Garcia, a strong, humble, dauntless, selfless,

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