Growing up can be both Worthwhile and Unpleasant

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When I consider going into 6th year it terrifies me to think I will no longer be one of the younger generation of the school, I will be at the top of the ranking order, the eldest in the school. The shock of growing up and acting mature is finally hitting me, as I am well aware there will be responsibilities to assume with younger individuals looking up to me. The intimidation once felt from those in the older years has disappeared as I have progressed through the school. When I was an immature and mindless 1st year I was terrified by anyone older laying their glaring eyes on me. However, times have clearly changed as the younger pupils wouldn’t look twice if I were to walk by. The mischievous 1st years do not regard who they communicate with as they certainly wouldn’t hesitate to answer back at me. I know for a fact that my year was never that rude when we were the youngest in the school.
Newspapers and the media constantly refer to my age group as terrible teenagers, the worst generation yet, and unfortunately that’s the category that I am being slotted into. I, however, would happily remove myself from the division I am automatically positioned in, as I would rather not to be known as a moody teenager, when technically in the eyes of the law in most countries, I will be one until the start of my twentieth year. Going into 6th year, it is becoming apparent that others around me are starting to respect me as a young adult. The general role models in my life are beginning to

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