Vygotsky 's Sociocultural Theory Of Adolescent Egocentrism, And Phinney 's Ethnic Identity

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Some think of their adolescent period as a miserable war, while others think of it as another blimp in their lives. For me, it’s a combination of both. I personally did not hate my adolescents, as many good things happened during it, but it was also a very emotional time period. Regardless, it was a very memorable time in my life, that has had a big influence on who I am today.
I started my adolescents around the time I was 11 (so fifth or sixth grade) and continued as one through high school. At the end of high school, and now, I am considered an emerging adult. For the sake of this essay I am going to mainly focus on my junior high years, touching a bit on myself as a freshman and sophomore in high school. While I think there are many …show more content…

But yet, we lean blue. Especially me. My best friend is Muslim. This is a social interaction that I would not have gotten if I grew up in a different town. Because of my friendship with her, and many of my other Muslim friends from school, I don’t share the same fears as many other people in our country. I don’t believe that Muslims are terrorists. Another cultural experience that I had at a young age that allows me to think differently as an emerging adult is of black people. Many white people have an immediate reaction, even if it is internal or unconscious, when they see someone who is not the same race as them. Due to my middle school having a large black population, I do not have this reaction. I have friends at university who will not want to drive down the hill at night because of internalized and institutionalized fear of danger. To me, that is just like the neighborhood I grew up in, and therefore there is nothing to worry about. I am used to see “dangerous” looking people out and hearing rap music blasted while others are not. Accidentally seeing a drug deal while driving does not phase me. I have never had the reaction to walk on a different side of the road due to someone I saw and it saddens me that there are people out there who feel that way. I was raised in a diverse society which allows me as an emerging adult to now be very accepting in my sociocultural interactions. Seeing

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