Gruesome Photos: A Case Study

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According to Gardner and Anderson (2016), gruesome photographs are “Photographs that are shocking and repulsive” (p. 454). Such awful photographs are allowed to be used as evidence only if the pictures are related to the crime in question (Gardner & Anderson, 2016). The judge has a say in whether or not graphic photographs are needed in the trial, and if so, can determine how many will be needed (Gardner & Anderson, 2016). Sometimes photographs that display the victim are not needed to support a party’s case (Gardner & Anderson, 2016). If too many gruesome pictures are displayed for the jury to view, it can sway the jury’s opinions (Gardner & Anderson, 2016). Pictures of a murder victim can be used as evidence to support a witness’s testimony …show more content…

There should be restrictions as to how many times the photographs can be show to the jury, because if the pictures are shown too often the jury may become angry against the defendant, and impose a guilty verdict and harsher penalties. I think photographs are a good way to show the jury what happened without the jury members trying to piece together what the crime scene looked like in their minds. Any gruesome photographs shown in court should not be allowed to play on the jurors’ sympathies because the defendant deserves a fair trial, and the pictures should not influence the jury (Gardner & Anderson, 2016). In the case of Oscar Pistorius, who was found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, had gruesome photographs of the crime scene were shown during his murder trial (“Crime scene photos: The Oscar Pistorius trial,” 2014). I believe it was appropriate for the photographs of the murder to be presented by the prosecution because the photographs displayed what occurred at the time of the murder and the possible struggle Steenkamp may have experienced (“Crime scene photos: The Oscar Pistorius trial,” 2014). The photographs showed locations of blood, bullet holes, broken doorframes, and much more, which are like a timeline for the events that went on in Pistorius’s home (“Crime scene photos: The Oscar Pistorius trial,”

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