Gryff-Personal Narrative

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His smile grew wider in sync with the girl's giggle. "A spider? A-Okay." It won't be any weirder if she said that it was a frog or lizard to Olaf. She could be a spider collector or maybe just need one to practice a spell, but if she's looking one to do a prank, now, that will be interesting. "Olaf, second year Gryff," and gave her hand a firm shook. Now that the Gryff boy knew what he was supposed to look, it definitely helps with the search. His eyes back to scour the floor, tried to see if there's a cobweb or something that'll hint them the insect was around. "Are you sure they're here?" glancing at Hattie, checking in. "How many do you need? I could use one for myself," he grinned. The Claw won't mind to share their findings, right? Suddenly
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