Guernica Vs Delacroix

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The two artists that I have chosen are: Pablo Picasso "Guernica" and Eugene Delacroix "Liberty Leading the people". Eugene Delacroix was born in France and was under the strict mentor ship of Pierre Guerin (Przybylek, 1). When Delacroix was seventeen, he began to pursue his studies at the Rouen and under the strict membership of Guerin; he quickly lost interest in neoclassical style and began to pursue Romanticism. Romanticism can be defined as," the movement in nineteenth-century European culture, concerned with the power of the imagination and greatly valuing intense feeling"(DeWitte Larmann Shields, 405). Romanticism was used to describe the conflict of the European and American Revolution. Romanticism was used to challenge the current state of society. "Liberty Leading the People", embodies the sacrifices of a changing society. Delacroix uses an oil medium that is supported by a canvas (Artble, 1). To use an oil as medium gives the piece "a rich luminosity that captivates the emotions of the viewer"(DeWitte Larmann Shields, 186).
The historical context behind the “Liberty Leading the People”, Delacroix witness the growing instability in Paris, as the
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Picasso "Guernica" was created as antiwar propaganda in the events of the bombing of Guernica. Delacroix created "Liberty Leading the People" as he was inspired by the courage of rebels during the French revolution. Both artists use oil on the canvas to create their masterpieces and give their pieces a theme of expressionism. Expressive can be defined as, “the capability of stirring emotion into the viewer"(DeWitte Larmann Shields, 186). "Liberty Leading the People" gave the viewer a sense of pride, as lady Liberty carried the rebel's flag towards freedom. "Guernica" gave the viewer a harsh reality of senseless violence in the time of
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