Gun Control Case Study

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Once upon a Christmas time Kelvin got a sniper pro nerf gun. He decided to go out and try out his new gun. Kelvin went over to Bobby Joe’s and Mikenzie’s house and asked if they wanted to come over to his house then being a hospitable host, he walked over to Bobby Joe and showed him his new nerf gun.Then Kelvin shot Bobby Joe, committing homicide.

Being scared of Mikenzie he ran outside, hurtling over the fence to trying and get away, but he fell flat on his face. He looked up and saw Mikenzie standing there. She hit him with a bat. This infuriated Kelvin. So he charges at Mikenzie with his nerf gun. He gets to her and hits her in the chest with the gun, knocking her down. Then to make her stay down he shot her too.

Once Kelvin finished cleaning up his mess he goes back outside then a hybrid car zooms into his driveway. Two men get out and show him their badges to show that they are undercover cops. The two men start talking to Kelvin saying that they got a report of a murder taking place and they asked if it was him, Kelvin replied with yes. The officers lunged at him, putting handcuffs around his small wrists. The officers asked Kelvin to read a paper, but being illiterate, he couldn’t, so they read it to him. …show more content…

Kelvin implored them to let him go, he was only five he cried. The incident was a major one, thus the cops disagreed with Kelvin, not letting him go. The cops were still incredulous of Kelvin, being wary around him.

Now a days, Kelvin is 35 and infamous for the two deaths. He never leaves his house and is said to still have the nerf gun that killed the two

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