Exploring the Issue in Gun Control

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Exploring the issues in gun control is the name of the article and it sounds obvious that the article is going to be about the issue behind mass shootings. The article is written by Dan O'Brien and Betty Stanton, who are both professional writers with great amount of knowledge about the issues in gun control. Dan O'Brien is a currently a Director of Safety and Environmental Health for San Antonio Water System, Certified Safety Professional, and Certified in Homeland Security. Betty Stanton is a 14-year veteran of U.S. Navy who is currently a currently a graduate student from Texas A&M University pursuing in Master of Public Service and Administration degree from George Bush School of Government and Public Service. Based on the name of their article, it seems like the article is going to talk about the connection between gun uses and the shooting incidents; however, guns are not the case. The gun control is not the real issue in mass shooting. Many people believe that guns are the main reason that there are more killing and shooting, especially mass shooting, but their facts usually fail to support their argument. Gun-free zones sounds like a safe place to be at and not have to worry about any mass shootings, but it always turns out wrong. In the article, Richard Mark, the former Arizona sheriff, says that guns are already banned in schools and that is why the shootings happen in schools. There haven't been any real evidence that gun laws decrease amount of mass shootings

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