Gun Control Discussion ( 100 Points ) Essay

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Sociology Gun Control Discussion
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Gun Control Discussion (100 points)

1) Add your discussion in this forum by clicking the button at the bottom of this screen. In your post please include the following: This assignment is in lieu of the Term paper and must be in APA format. Include and label the following sections;

Introduction: Familiarize the reader with the general topic of Gun Control that you are discussing. Provide general information about the main idea, explaining the situation so the reader can make sense of the topic and the claims you make and support. State your main thesis by stating the position you will support.

Background: This section is where you present the topic being discussed and an explanation of the debate and its importance. A discussion of the arguments and views for both sides should be included Explain the positive and negative effects of the issue on society, as well as examples of these effects.

Literature Review: Research several types of information. Discuss several Pro and Cons positions by others and include at least 2 references for the Pro and Con arguments. This section should also clearly present both sides of the issue being discussed. Summarize the main issues on both sides by providing information on what the different sources say about the issue. Discuss at least two actual legal cases on your issue and their outcome.

Take a position and argue for either the Pro or Con side

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