Gun Control In America Essay

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58 people dead, 500+ injured. That is the number following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. This marked the worst shooting in modern American history, but it was certainly not the last to come. America’s gun culture has spawned from their gun laws, or rather lack of, which has been a polarizing topic in the US for years and has recently been up for debate again following the shooting. With the lack of guns laws being linked to shootings like these, it is clear new gun laws need to be put in place. Along with the lack of gun control being linked to mass shootings, it has also been linked to domestic and gang violence, making America one of the leading nations with gun violence. Furthermore, it is important we analyze these effects of limited gun control as to see just how it significant it is in facilitating violence in the US, on both a global and local scale. Some of the most significant effects of the gun culture in the US are increased domestic violence, gang violence, and mass shootings. It is important to understand how and why these factors were cause by the current gun culture in the US in order to understand the severity of the problem, especially in the local community where Nevada has one of the highest gun rates in the US. Furthermore, by analyzing the effects of the current gun culture, we’ll be able to promote the solution of gun control. The current gun culture in the US has been a problem even before the Las Vegas shooting. In the US, more than 10,000

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