Essay on Gun Control: Is It Really in the Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment states that “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. The way the Supreme Court interprets this amendment changes constantly because not even the Supreme Court fully understands the limits and rights given to citizens. Some argue that this amendment protects our right to own a gun, but is not very clear. Over the years the second amendment has become a huge debate over gun rights and gun control. This is a cause of all the gun violence this country has been facing for many years and they need a way to help prevent gun violence or even suppress the amount of deaths faced by these tragedies. One of the ways this …show more content…

How did a young man, who was mentally unstable get his hands on his mother’s firearms? We never want something like this incident to ever happen again.
One of the effective gun control methods we have in place today is background checks. But many people are wondering today if background checks are truly effective? Do they really help preventing firearm fatalities? States with the most gun control laws have seen about a 42% decrease in the overall firearm fatalities. They also saw a decrease of firearm related homicides by 40% and in firearm related suicides by 37% (Watkins). According to the Department of Justice, in 2010 about 41% of felons were denied the right to buy a gun from a federally licensed dealer due to a background check (Frandsen, Lauver, Lee, Naglich).
Although background checks keep many people from buying a gun, there are a couple of loop holes in the system. In order to strengthen background checks the government needs to fix the loop holes that exist. About 40% of firearms are purchased through these loop holes without background checks (Martinez). One of the biggest loop holes is the one that exists at gun shows. Background checks are a proven way of helping prevent firearms from getting in to the wrong hands. Then how come at gun shows in some states they do not require a background check to purchase a weapon at a gun show? In most states at a gun show all that is required of the consumer to purchase the weapon is their

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