Gun Control

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Guns Should Not Be Permitted on College Campuses In 2004, a new law came into place in Utah where students were able to carry a concealed gun onto a college campus. Many people who support the law believe that this law is “crucial” to self-defense and that it upholds constitutional rights. Due to recent state legislation and court rulings, 10 states now permit the carrying of a concealed gun on college campuses. Texas became the 10th state to allow their students to have a concealed weapon on campus, for example the University of Texas at Austin allows any student over the age of 21 to carry a concealed gun into a classroom. Many students, faculty members, and myself believe that allowing guns on a college campus is actually making it less safe for students, teachers, and other people on the campus. I believe guns should be prohibited from college campuses because of the the risk of having a weapon on a campus may have. It can lead to aggression and violence amongst other students and faculty members. An article from the New York Times stated, at the University of Texas at Austin, due to the new gun law, many pre-med sophomores joined protest groups and a professor sued to stop the law ultimately resigned herself form teaching in a class where handguns are allowed. Many of the professors and students worry that the guns in the class will scare students from voicing their opinion, which is the whole backbone of education. However, many other students with a license

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