Gun Control Policy Analysis

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The controversial gun control policy has been very popular in the United States. There have been many demands for the gun control policy to become more strict than it already is. Kraft’s theory of agenda setting explains what is influencing the change of view on the freedom to be armed with guns. He states, “Agenda setting is one of the most critical stages of environmental policymaking. It includes how environmental problems are perceived and defined, the development of public opinion on them, and the organization of public concerns and new policy ideas to demand action by government.”
Agenda setting is broken down into three ”streams” of activities that are included in the development of a policy. The first stream is the problem stream,
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Another article with eye-opening statistics is “Suicide is the Other Side of America’s Gun Problem.” They take the focus off of the homicidal stereotypes associated with guns and shed light on the suicide with guns issue. It declares that 50 percent of all suicides in 2013 were due to gunshot wounds. It also states, “While suicide attempted by poisoning (like overdose) or cutting is not fatal 98 percent of the time, suicide with a gun is fatal 85 percent of the time.” These factual numbers help policy makers and citizens realize there is a true issue on hand. The second stream is the policy stream which focuses on topics such as what could be done to fix the problem to bills that are passed and bills that fail. These suggestions are then revised with the hope of changing the public policy. Kraft declares, “As Kingdon suggests, this is somewhat like a process of biological natural selection; the fittest ideas survive and may flourish, and ultimately they may become the basis for public policy action.” The article, “Gun Control Advocates Try Again on Ammo Limits” is related to this topic. It focuses on how the gun control advocates are proposing a new bill since a few of their bills were denied. Their goal is to “ban large-capacity
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