Rhetorical Analysis Of Common Sense Gun Control By Barack Obama

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The 2nd amendment is always in dispute. In the article Common Sense Gun Control written by Barack Obama addresses his stance on the topic. The main idea of Barack Obama’s speech was to inform people that the goal is to not take away peoples’ 2nd amendment but to prevent people from buying and killing people with guns. He is trying to persuade them to be for stricter gun control; not taking away the 2nd amendment. He accomplishes this by using different forms of persuasive elements such as using facts, using reasoning, and appealing to the audiences emotion. Barack Obama uses facts to persuade the audience to agree with his view that there needs to be stricter gun control rules and regulations. When Barack starts his speech he starts with a fact that states “Every single year, more than 30,000 Americans have their lives cut short by guns”. By Obama using this statistic he is using facts to further his point. This helps to put the perspective of how many people have died by a gun. Now to show how many lives will be saved with stricter gun control Obama states “After Connecticut passed a law requiring background checks and gun safety courses gun deaths decreased 40 percent”. With this fact Obama is showing that when having more strict regulations for guns it has decreased 40% of gun deaths. By using these two facts he shows how that 30,000 gun deaths can decrease to possibly 40% less with more rules and guidelines. Now by presenting these facts he is further proving with

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