Gun Control: The Role Of Crime In The United States

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People have murdered each other for as long as they’ve been around, whether it was stones and sticks or swords and daggers. If people set their minds on the intent of killing, they could find many ways and use many tools to complete their task. Crime has been a major part of history, and was used for good and bad. For example, the pilgrims that came to what is now the United States committed crimes against King George, and what is now the United Kingdom. When James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights and established the 2nd Amendment, it was to permit American citizens to protect each other from people with maniacal intentions, specifically, the government. The 2nd Amendment was made specifically to prevent the acts of a tyrannical government, such as the ones they fought and fled from. They believed that the citizens should hold the power and keep the government in check. …show more content…

In today’s time, there are gun laws, such as the Brady Law, that are great at reducing deaths, mortal injuries and keeping them out of the hands of criminals. The media portrays all the gun outbursts that have happened, like The San Bernardino Shooting and Sandy Hook. What the media fails to tell us is all of the outbursts that gun-carrying citizens have prevented, such as Garland, Texas. A traffic officer carrying a pistol, managed to stop two fully armed in under a minute. Imagine the lives that could have been saved in San Bernardino and Sandy Hook if there weren’t strict gun control. Would there still have been fatalities? More than likely yes, but I believe if more people were to act, the fatalities would’ve been greatly

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