Gun Debate to Bear Arms Essay

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For the last few years when you turn on the news there has been a mass shooting somewhere in the United States. This sparked up massive debates about the right to bear arms. Then lobbyists like the NRA, (National Rifle Association), step in and started to protect our rights to have firearms. Since then people all over the United States have been debating about gun rights. The Second Amendment, “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” is the most debated amendment in the Constitution. There are two sides to the gun debates. The first is the Gun Rights Activists. They stand for the right to carry guns for self-defense and personal …show more content…

Some of these people also want to just ban guns all together. One this side there are a lot of smaller, unknown groups that support the Gun Control Lobby. Since this side has so many groups that support it, each group wants something a bit different. There could be a group that wants all guns to be ban from the public, where another group may just want longer background checks. This could become a really big problem because there could be debates going on inside that lobby. It is a problem because you can’t fight for something if you don’t know what that thing is. Right now this hasn’t become a problem yet because I believe for the time being they are just trying to get bans on high round magazines and assault rifles. Gun Control lobby makes a lot of good points like shooting at a cardboard box isn’t a sport and an assault weapon won’t save you. My opinion is very mixed now that looked at both sides. Before I looked in to the Gun Control side I hated it. I didn’t like the idea of someone trying to make it harder for me to shoot guns but now I am ok with some things that they say. I think both sides are wrong, Gun Rights is wrong because some of the laws are way to loose and could have prevented some of the events; Gun Control is wrong because taking away all guns takes away a lot of jobs. But I also believe that both sides are right, Gun Rights is right because it is one of our amendments and we do have the right to own guns; Gun Control

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