The United States Should Keep The Second Amendment

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Gun control is a big debate and if the United States should keep the Second Amendment. With all the recent crime a lot of the Democratic candidates want to take away gun rights away. The Second Amendment was created in the year of 1791. ( Many changes in history were about if The United States Should keep this right or not. Several of the states wanted to take this right away because of the violence, but if they do take this away, it will not stop the amount of violence in the world because there are many other deadly weapons that people can use. Citizens of the United States believe that the United States the right to own and buy weapons away because of the amount of crime that happens each year with with a person using a firearm …show more content…

There have been many times where people in stores, at house and even in the streets have done self protection with the usage of guns. 9 out of 10 times a criminal is going to flee the place if he or she notices that person with a gun. A victim of rape, Kimberly Corban, ask Obama in a press conference of how she is suppose to protect herself and her children if another accident happens. Another example of how owning firearms are a key part of self protection is how they can can scare people off that put you in danger. A man from Texas, James Gerow, woke up hearing an intruder in his house. He quickly walked out of his room noticing a man wearing a dark hoodie how shouldnt have been in his house. James grabbed his gun and chased the man outside where the cops have arrived and took the criminal to the nearest prison available. Therefore, many people use guns to protect themselves. James used the gun for self protection and he did not shoot at the intruder. This means if the usage of guns is taken away from the people that live in the United States how are they suppose to protect …show more content…

The reason why the school shooting problem is a load of crap with the people that own guns is because the people who make these horrible choices have mental problems and could not get the correct help that they needed. Out of a recent survey from 61.5% of the school shooters have a substance abuse problem. 43.5 % of the shooters were victims of bullying. This concludes that many of the people that decided to do these horrible things like school shooting have had problems in the past that affected them mentally, and if they chose taking innocent students lives as a solution, they had a mental problem and did not get the correct help. Not every homeowner that has a gun in their house is going to go shoot up a school. Its also true that the police need guns to protect themselves. Police using these guns are using them as self protection. They do not just do a drive by on people or kill anyone without a reason. They are here to protect the people and the town so they need weapons on them to be able to protect every

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