Essay about We have a Right to Bear Arms

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Since I was a little girl, I remember hunting season; Dad and Katlyn, my sister, would come home to say they killed a deer. Even though I did not enjoy hunting, I still see how much they love to go; hunting great bonding time for them. My dad taught my sister and me how important gun safety is. He has shown us how to carry a gun properly, never to aim it at anyone, never put our finger on the trigger until ready to shoot, and always leave the safety button on until ready to shoot as well. In my house guns are always hidden or locked up in a safe, only Dad knows the combination, so no intruder can get to them. Guns are a very serious item. I was raised to understand guns are not something to joke around about; if they are in the hands …show more content…

Some people believe that banning guns will solve all shootings, but personally I believe it will not solve the whole problem of shootings. I believe guns should be kept out of hands of young children. Every family who has purchased a gun should tell their children about the dangerous of a gun, not to scare them but to explain a gun to them. I believe if parents do not explain the importance of a gun to the children at a young age, they will grow up wondering what it does and how it work, which could hurt them or someone else. I was told from a very young age not to touch a gun without my dad or mom’s help, they did this so if I wanted to hunt with my dad I would not be scared to shoot and so I would not just decide to handle a gun alone. Along with telling me the importance of a gun my parents kept the guns out of reach. Not only do people use guns to hunt, but as well as protection from an intruder. The castle doctrine, which is a law that clarifies the owners of a home or another building, can defend themselves if an intruder is to enter; this law allows the owner to protect their household, which the owner can do what they feel is necessary to stop the intruder, which includes killing the intruder. I completely agree to this law, if someone is to enter my home and threaten my life or others, I will

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