Gun Relationship And Gun Control

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The ideology of gun ownership and gun control in the United States, that among the categories in crimes, gun violence is the most common type of crime that occurs on a regular basis in the United States. (Kopel 1). There have been many studies whether it is on the ideology approach, self – interest theory, racism, and public opinion to try and understand the relationship between gun control and violent crime. As the world’s richest and most developed nation, the U.S. is the leading country with the highest gun violence cases (Daniel 2). The U.S. government has tried in many cases to get a handle on the issue with past policies, such as the Brady Bill, which was passed by Congress in 1993. It mandated federal background checks on firearm purchasers in the U.S. and imposed a five day waiting period on purchases (Daniel 3). Also, trying to find correlation between the 1977 Canadian Law and the U.S. law on uniform gun control. The main focus is to try and determine, why even with gun laws and regulations the number of fatalities never decreased. As well as the possible relationship between being shot in an assault and possession of a gun at the time. Studies shown by Kopel’s team shows no significant reduction is violence and fatal injuries between years 1995-2002. In other words, percentage of violent gun crimes resulting in death was the same from 2001–2002 (2.9%) and from 1992-1999. A study conducted from 2003 -2006 in Philadelphia, PA enrolled 677 case participants that

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