Gun Rights And Gun Control

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Guns right now in the nation of the United States of America are at the center of a heated debate on how they should be handled. With Civilians and politicians alike arguing over how they should be regulated we have many arguments for the pros and cons of both sides. Gun control is now one of the most talked about subject in the country due to the vast amount of mass murders and school shootings that have been taken place in recent years. However, even with all this gun violence taken place it seems to have only made people take more stubborn stance on their opinion of how the gun laws should be handled. With one faction called the pro-gun control sided standing in the position of stricter gun laws and regulation, there also exist the opposing side called the pro-gun rights side that wants freedom to own their guns not infringed upon. While picking a topic for myself to research on an event in Oregon took place that involved yet another armed gun man coming into a school or college campus and killing innocent people, and this preceded many other shootings such as the one in Charleston, South Carolina. Many would think after such and event took place it would draw Americans closer to having a resolution to the gun problem that we face in this country, but on the contrary everything played out as usual the standard new coverage some outrage at the moment and yet the status quo remains. Have we as a society become num to such senseless acts of violence, and are we just

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