Gun Safety And Training : The Importance Of Gun Safety

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“Hours earlier, he was a happy 4-year-old who loved Ironman and the Hulk and all the Avengers. Now, as Bryson Mees-Hernandez approached death in a Houston hospital room, his brain swelling through the bullet hole in his face, his mother assured the boy it was OK to die.” (Foley) Bryson Mees was spending the night at his grandparents last january. He found a 22. Caliber Derringer his grandmother kept under the bed when he accidently shot himself. My experience has made me realize the importance of gun safety and training.

I remember it was a friday morning. Me and a few good friends of mine at the time woke up pretty early around 7 am. We woke up on the floor of my friend malik's house. Malik’s parents weren’t living there at the time it was just him and his 2 older brothers, malik was 18 and 2 years older than us at the time his brothers were just a few years older. So they always had a lot of friends stay over, and man did we party a lot. We partied there just about every night of the summer so over time more and more people started to show. Eventually the whole high school caught wind of our party functions and it started getting out of hand we would have over a 60 people there and half of the people we wouldn’t even know. It got real crazy it being a party, of course the drugs started coming and there would be randoms in the party selling weed or pills to everyone

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