Guns Germs And Steel Analysis

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Guns, Germs, and Steel Guns, germs, and steel. Three of the main components found in changing civilizations, and three essential factors that must be brought into consideration when discussing how our modern day world came to be. In the critically acclaimed documentary, based off of the book by Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel provides valuable insight into these crucial aspects, showing an in-depth history of world and culture. In the first portion of this three part series, Diamond and other commentators explore the impact of agricultural development and how various societies were affected by either geographical advantages or hindrances. The explanations provided help to clarify reasons behind historical turmoils and wars, along with current economic status of states, and are perhaps more relevant than ever. While conducting research in the country of New Guinea, which is located just north of the Australian Coast, Jared found some enlightening information. Though originally there to study native birds, he found himself in a situation where he was talking and living amongst some of the most diverse and culturally adaptable people in the world. One of the things that immediately came to my awareness was the basic history of the small territory. New Guineans have inhabited their island for about 45,000 years and they are culturally adept in respect to harvesting hard to find foods, and gathering other resources. They eat sweet potatoes, coconut and other fruits,
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