Gurgulas Origin

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The Gurgulas were a clan about nourishing the Earth. They would always pray to the Gods aboves, such as the Sun God and Rain God, for helping their world. Everyday they would do their daily tasks of caring the Earth. They would water all the plants, if needed of water, removed any garbage on the land, and harvest any food. One day it was raining and Gurgulas stayed indoors of their wooded house. They were peaceful until they heard a loud sound and some light coming through the sky. They all had gotten scared and hide inside of their house because, they thought they were being punished. What they didn’t know was that the Sun God and Rain God were fighting. The Sun God and rain God were arguing about their scheduled on earth. Sun wanted to take a break from its duties and let rain be in charge. Rain denied that idea …show more content…

They continue to explain that Mother nature were watching them argue as she was disappointed. She then made an idea that would help them balance each other out, which is to create two new Gods to give them a way to distract each other from fighting again. Also to keep them busy so they cannot take a break. Mother nature then created Thunder God and Lighting God. She decided that Thunder God would be working with Rain God since she based Thunder off of him. Also that Lighting would be assisting Sun since she was based off her. They were to be punishments to the Gurgulas if they had done very insightful bad things. Sun and Rain both looked at each as they had disappointed Mother nature. They forgave each other and realized they had probably scared the Gurgulas on earth. They both decided to visit then earth to introduce, the new Gods whom they would be worshipping too. As they visited earth they spotted all the Gurgulas hiding and praying within their home. Sun immediately realized that all their arguing had scared

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