H. J Mccloskey's Article 'On Being An Atheist'

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H. J. McCloskey, an atheist author, wrote an article titled “On Being an Atheist” which explains why he is an atheist, his views on God, and why He believes that being an atheist is more comfortable and reasonable than believing in Christianity. While arguing against the proofs within the cosmological argument and teleological argument, McCloskey does not acknowledge the ontological argument. He then goes on to say how belief in God is not necessary and “living by faith” is irrational. My goal of this paper is to examine his article, point out the flaws, and prove that his arguments do not prove atheism to be true. McCloskey refers to “proofs” as an argument that favors God but cannot make a case for God. He then goes on to argue that those “proofs” should not be used and discarded. Dr. Foreman, however, suggested the accumulative case approach, which tells us to collect the proofs and evidence that says God, in fact, exists. One main reason that we cannot be one hundred percent sure when we say that God exists is the possibility of us being wrong. On one hand, Dr. Foreman argues that things that take place around us are evidence of God. However, McCloskey says that the case for God cannot be proved through Christianity. In response to McCloskey, we believe in many things that are unseen but have…show more content…
These arguments both refer to a creator of some sort- whether that is God or another outside force. The teleological argument, however, suggests that there is purpose within the order of the universe. McCloskey believes that both arguments, the cosmological and teleological arguments, cannot prove that God is the ultimate designer. He also claims that there is not enough, if any, proof of a designer. To counter his argument, I would argue that there is not enough proof to prove that there is not a creator- however, not one side can be absolutely sure that they are completely
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