HP-48SX Scientific Expandable Calculator Essay

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HP-48SX Scientific Expandable Calculator

The HP-48SX Scientific Expandable calculator was manufactured by Hewlett Packard and the copyright is dated 1989. At the time of release, the HP-48 series was the most advanced line of scientific calculators available to those in the technical fields. I purchased the calculator in 1991 through a high school mathematics program. It has been used extensively since then for virtually every class I have taken. So far, the calculator has never malfunctioned.

The main material of the HP-48SX is plastic. The case is hard brown plastic. The front panel is a thin metal sheet with soft plastic buttons. The screen is a large liquid crystal display.

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The HP-48SX has little other ornaments besides the screen and keypad interface. These few ornaments are comprised of the Hewlett Packard logo, the 48SX model number, and the serial number on the back. Soon after purchasing the calculator, I carved my first name, last name, and high school nickname into the plastic back cover in order to identify the calculator as mine.

The intended functions of the HP-48SX are the standard functions of a scientific calculator, plus several unique to the HP. This calculator can graph all functions, perform all mathematic operations, convert units for most properties, and solve equations. It also can store data in a database and perform statistical operations on this data. This last ability reveals one of the calculator's intended functions of laboratory assistant.

There are many unintended functions for the HP. The main one is a source of entertainment. Games such as Pac-man, Joust, Tron, and Tetris can all be easily obtained and installed on the calculator. The wide selection of games can provide hours of amusement.

The data storage capability gives the HP-48SX many more unintended functions. It can hold phone numbers, grades, banking information, formulas, and almost any other data imaginable. The HP can be used as a personal organizer for virtually all aspects of life.

The HP-48SX calculator performs its functions more than adequately.

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