HSA 1 Essay

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Case 1 –Case of the Reluctant Associate 1. What are the main concerns in the case? Persuading Dr. Simon to join the practice Gaining Dr. Simon’s trust 2. Which organizational theories of management describe the behaviors of Dr. Simon’s first practice experience? The second? Provide a rational for your response. a. Human Resources b. Leadership Dr. Simon’s first practice shows an autocratic style of management of close oversight, distrust and solo decision making. 3. Is succession planning important for medical practices? Give examples of what techniques are available to recruit new physicians. Succession planning is important for the continuation of a medical practice, it is essential in valuing the practice and transition patients to…show more content…
Dr. Simon’s agreed right then and there to be a part of my practice. Major Problems and Secondary Issues Persuading Dr. Simon to join my practice was a struggle for the simple fact that his primary hospital was treating him unfairly. It seems to me that this was a human resource issue due to certain particular questions that was asked. This hospital seems to have a leadership style management where they took advantage of him and his work. Your Role As the Chairman of the department I would work on building positive employer-employee relation by communicating openly, showing gratitude and appreciation, giving consistent feedback and following through. Organizational Strengths and Weakness Strengths Dr. Simon’s is on staff, no need to recruit, he’s a great candidate, three members feel he’s qualified and my practice will make him a partner in two years Weakness Persuading Dr. Simon to join the practice, gaining Dr. Simon’s trust, have to wait two years for Dr. Simon to become partner, and new recruits need to have training in succession planning Alternatives and Recommended Solution Communication Pros Communication Cons Positive workplace Misunderstanding In the loop with important information Losing his trust Gain his respect and trust. Following through with my solution I would implement a plain to follow through with by keeping the door open, making sure his voice is heard, Dr. Simon’s work is
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