Succession Planning Case Study

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In unit 7 Discussion, we are asked to discuss the relevance of succession planning for any healthcare organization. Consider a selected healthcare organization and propose any specific challenges associated with that type of organization (funding, training, education, staffing, et cetera). Include the titles or departments that might be engaged to implement and monitor an innovative program or service.
According to Fibuch (2012), succession planning is an inclusive organizational key strategic process for critical position in the organization to be filled. In the process, some employees are trained on each key role within the organization. They are retained and developed intellectually for the future, and there is individual advancement for continuity in case of unexpected
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Communicating upward and laterally movement concerning the management of the organization.
5. Creating all-inclusive human resource planning system.
As it is a common practice with the military, most especially in Military Treatment Facility (MTF). As an example, I will use an Army facility, Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center (KACC), Patient Administration Division (PAD). The division made it mandatory for Medical Correspondence and Customer Front Decks section that conduct patient registration in the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) gets cross trained. It is necessary due to the high volume of the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move during the summer time.
Previously, the unexpected loss of an experienced leader without a timely replacement was extremely effecting the department. And just as Fibuch & Way (2012) suggested, the best solution to reduce those challenges is to cross-trained qualified employees within the organization for leadership roles. It is important also for organization to recognize and view their existing skill sets in terms of their future operations. Consequently, succession planning should be an essential element of organization's strategic
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