Habits Of College Students

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Students’ lives are very interesting in college than it was in high school. There is a lot more the students’ must memorize for their major. I know some days it can be very miserable to the students’ due to having a lot of class/homework for those classes they are in. However, how stressful is the final weeks, what make people depressed, and how bad can the lectures be. This are some things that make the college students’ very stressful, drop a class, decide they don’t want to go back to that certain class that day. How stressful is finals week? Hope must of the college students know that finals week is very stressful. There is a lot of studying in the first couple weeks before the finals. There are some kids that don’t even stress, because they think they know all the answers that is going to be in on the final. Most of the students go to college full time and work full time and they don’t have the time to study like they want to. That makes it very stressful for them, but they manage to get most not all information in before they take the final. Some of the students don’t get enough sleep before the final that will be why they get very stressed. Students get stressed because they might understand the question the professor is wanting them to answer or give them what they think the answer is. They even get stressed when there is a bunch of people in one class and they get called out to answer a question that way too. Foster kids get depressed to maybe because the people
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