Haiti : An Island Country

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Haiti is an island country that borders the Dominican Republic and is also close in region to the islands of Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. This country of Haiti has French as its national tongue, due to European colonization, however, the country is dominantly and significantly of African descent. Also, the nation’s official language is French and the native sport in Haiti is soccer. One of my good friends, Pierre Gaston, who claims the “mountainous country”(as it is translated in English) as his original home, was delighted to recall the impactful memories that living in Haiti granted him before later moving to the United States of America.
Before the interview, me and Pierre took a walk and he told me that his older sisters were coming to visit Murfreesboro from Antioch, and that they were going to make him a traditional Haitian dish involving fried plantains that he couldn’t wait for. Pierre, his sisters, and his parents all packed their things and flew to the United States of America when Pierre was 9-years-old. When asked about his overall experience as a child in Haiti, the thing that stuck out initially to Pierre was the difference between how media was available to more people in America as opposed to Haiti. “There are TVs and computers there just like in the United States, but not so much with regular population as with those who could afford them. I knew a lot of people who didn’t have access to those things.” said Pierre. Pierre then noted how active
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