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1. The policy will be in effect from January 1 2009 to June 30 2010. 2. Featured in Fortune magazine it’s one of the country’s top 100 employers. 3. The company has offices in Albuquerque New Mexico and Chattanooga Tennessee. 4. Last year the firm spent $1527048 on new equipment. 5. E-mail texting cell phones and the Internet are examples of workplace distractions. 6. Mrs. Alice Compton a restaurant inspector spoke about safe food-handling practices. 7. He’s written a practical step-by-step guide to strategic planning. 8. Kendall has a bachelor’s degree but Haleigh has more work experience. 9. “What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” said Stephen King. 10. The bond’s yield traded yesterday at 2.2765 percent unless I am mistaken. 11. According to this analysis we’re going to see a rate increase of 3.5 percent 12.…show more content…
Gage Power Company is purchasing 37500 smart meters. 14. I’m traveling on business to Kyiv Ukraine and Belgrade Serbia. 15. The files could be in that cabinet on the shelf or in one of those boxes. 16. The fund has performed very poorly yet the company continues to promote it. 17. We need a reliable inexpensive method of backing up files. 18. The mailing address is 102 Fourth Street Saint Paul Minnesota; you can look up the ZIP Code at 19. Ted Feeley who does our taxes is someone we recommend highly. 20. The company announces a plan for growth which will be explained in detail at the annual shareholders’ meeting in April. 21. At my company we’ve started a workplace mentoring program. 22. To be a good team member you should do your share of the work encourage others to participate and look for roles that you can fill ably. 23. I’ve put money in that account every month since January 2007 so I’ve saved a substantial amount. 24. Kwaku attends Salem State College where he is majoring in speech communication. 25. Still you can’t argue with the fact that he is the best-qualified
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