Half and Half discussion questions and answers

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“Half and Half” Answer Key
Discussion Questions

1. Amy Tan writes about mother-daughter relationships in many of her stories. What do you think the relationship was like between the narrator and her mother in the story?
The mother is very perseverant and refuses to give up on anything. This causes tension between them because Rose is nervous to tell her that she is getting a divorce since Rose knows her mom will tell her to save her marriage. The mother isn’t lenient with her beliefs nor is she understanding, which makes her sort of stubborn.

2. It takes the mother a long time (possibly never) to give up on Bing. How does she attempt to implant her perseverance in her daughter’s life?

She won’t allow her daughter to give up without …show more content…

Lastly, she believed that “an ancestor of (theirs) once stole water from a sacred well. Now the water is trying to steal back” (pg 129). These relate to her non-acceptance of losing a child because she returned to the beach the next day and still thought she could find Bing and bring him back alive. She was hallucinating and thought she saw him many times.

10. How does the author’s view on faith and fate change from paragraph 3 on page 121 to the first paragraph on page 131?
She started off thinking that fate was in control, and faith was just a way to make one’s self feel more secure about one’s life. Then she started thinking that fate is equally composed of expectation and inattention, and that faith takes over once a loss is experienced.

Follow Up Questions
1. Why didn’t Rose try to save Bing?

Rose didn’t attempt to rescue Bing because she was unable to move. She was contemplating all of her different options such as running to the water to pull him out, shouting to her father, and even taking back the situation. All of her panicked thoughts froze her in a state of shock/fear.

2. Have you ever seen someone start to drown? How did you react? Shout for help or go to them yourself?
(Depends on personal answers)

3. Did the relationship between Rose and her mother change or stay the same?

I think their relationship stayed the same through the years because the mother kept her same mind set of being persistent and hopeful even when there isn’t a high

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