Halloween School : A Ghost Story On Halloween

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“So kids, every Halloween, it is said that her ghost, roams the empty hallways of this very school, searching for another female student to take her place.” The students were now on the edge of their wooden seats, eyes wide, listening to every word Mr. Morris said. All of a sudden the loud bell breaks the silence, making each one of them jump. “I guess I will have to tell you all the rest of the story on Monday. Have a good Halloween kids. Don’t forget about the dance tonight.” After most of the students left, only two remained They walked up to Mr. Morris’s desk, eager to know more about the ghost story. “Did it really happen?” The girl named Claire asked. “I don’t believe it did.” The boy named Logan exclaimed, emphasizing the word “I”. “Well kids,” Mr. Morris sighed, “I don’t want to encourage anything but you may just have to find out.” he said with a mysterious look on his unshaven face. Later that evening Outside the Max Morris gymnasium, the frigid wind blew through the trees making the leaves rustle and some fall to the ground. The full moon made dancing shadows on the pavement. Logan and Claire made their way through the glass doors and into the warm gym. Inside, there was a variety of different costumes. Such as mummies, vampires, ghosts, and cats, just to name a few. The floor of the gym was covered in a thin layer of artificial smoke that was billowing out of the smoke machines. There was music blasting and strobe lights flashing making the gym seem even

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