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Hallucinogens as Medicine
Melody Gambino
Psychology 101

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The article discusses research on the use of hallucinogens for medical therapies applicable to cancer, drug addiction, and psychological problems. Studies being undertaken at Johns Hopkins University are discussed. Johns Hopkins' research on hallucinogens includes assessment of the drug's psychospiritual effects among volunteers and its use in easing psychiatric and behavioral disorders in those so affected.

Hallucinogens as Medicine 3 A new wave study on hallucinogens, and other mind-altering substances, was organized to address whether these …show more content…

Griffiths at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, had volunteered to be a subject to one of the first studies of hallucinogenic drugs in the United States.
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Furthermore, she first completed questionnaires, chatted with the monitors, and settled down in a comfortable space where the session took place. After taking a capsule of the concentrated hallucinogen psilocybin, she then reclined in a comfortable chair, with eyeshades, and headphones that were playing classical music to further endure that she was to have a comfortable experience. At the end of the session, after the psilocybin effects worn off, she completed more questionnaires. Similar to all the other 35 participants, her responses indicated that during the time spent in the session room she had gone through a “profound mystical-like experience similar to those reported by spiritual seekers in many cultures and across the ages--one characterized by a sense of interconnectedness with all people and things, accompanied by the feeling of transcending time and space, and of sacredness and joy.” A year later, as a follow up research, Andy regarded it as “the most personally meaningful and spiritually significant event of her life”. She felt it had “brought on positive changes in her moods, attitudes and behaviors, as well as a noticeable increase in overall life satisfaction”. But on the

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