Halting Human Trafficking

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Halting Human Trafficking
Today, we have more victims of human trafficking than ever before. How can that be? Do we not have international legislation and organizations to prevent us from making the same mistakes that were made in the past? The population continues to steadily increase and works in combination with globalization to feed the booming industry of exploiting people. Human trafficking has been a part of most cultures, sometimes lurking in the shadows, other times out and proud; however, its rapid advancement is not inevitable. Thus far, no nation or organization has been able to develop an effective criminal justice response. Developed nations, such as the United States have to take the lead in cultivating legislation and enforcement in order to stop human trafficking in its tracks. If the countries who hold great global power communicate properly and work …show more content…

Individuals are not willing to argue that the exploitation of humans is a good thing, regardless of the amount it adds to the GDP of our nations. Rather, authors foremost describe how difficult it can be to accumulate accurate data. The human trafficking industry is a part of the shadow industry. This shadow industry accounts for 40% of national GDP in some of the poorest nations (Roberts and Wood.) Even the United Nations has said that to estimate a true number of the amount of victims in the human trafficking industry is a “statistical goal [that] may prove to be unachievable” (UNODC, 2006). Scholars are aware of the limited data available; however, some argue that exaggeration is not an issue, as long as attention is given to the pressing concern. Large international organizations do attempt to utilize their power and budget to collect data. For example, the International Labor Organization published a study on trans-national sex trafficking. The industry, like many shadow industries, is

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