Hamlet : A Fragile Mind

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Hamlet with a fragile mind as it is with the death of his father and the the commitment made by both his mother and his uncle has been told of a ghost sighting outside of elsinore by the guards of Denmark. He is then asked to watch upon the night to see if it is or is not the ghost of his late father. With everything that has been going on in Hamlet’s life is he prepared to encounter such a paranormal event; or, is he not in the right state of mind to acknowledge and comprehend his late father’s ghost and the request he makes to Hamlet? The ghost sighting could even just be an allusion to the start of Hamlet’s madness. A winter night outside of the castle of elsinore and one of the late night shift guards, Bernardo, comes to relieve …show more content…

The ghost then appears again on the same exact time that it had struck the night before. Horatio tries himself to speak to the ghost. The ghost remains silent as Horatio tries to talk to it. Horatio tries and tries and keeps failing to get a response back. This gives him the idea that if the ghost really is the ghost of King Hamlet it will have no problem speaking to itś living son. He gives ther guards the okay that they should tell Hamlet about what they have been visited by the past two nights.
The morning after Horatio and the guards see the ghost King Claudius gives a speech explaining his marriage to Gertrude, his brotherś widow and mother of Hamlet. He speaks of how he is sorry for his brothers death and how he is going to take charge of the kingdom now that they are threatened by Prince Fortunbross. Now with Claudus in charge this means that Hamlet will not take thrown as planned to be the king.
King Claudius seems to make that everything is okay with him and Hamlet. He acts now more like a father to Hamlet than his uncle now that he has married to his mother. With this in mind, Claudius wishes for Hamlet to return back to school where he had been studying before his father 's death. His mother supports his new stepfather completely. As if it had been his mother 's plan all along for this to happen. Hamlet decides to agree with them more or less to keep the piece but by his expression you can tell he is

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