Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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Our modern literature holds many works from brilliant writers that challenge readers to think outside the box. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet never failed to impress scholars from all over the world because the play can be interpreted in many different ways. Hamlet is performed in all over the theater and never ceases to amaze those who read Hamlet and know the play by heart. Plays in theater can open a brand new perspective of the play Hamlet because readers can actually visualize scenes from Hamlet through the actors and have their own opinions about the play. I choose to analyze and review Hamlet because this play intrigues me due to the facts that the play contains many elements that would not normally exist in a play. The critic Elizabeth Zemin Kolkovich went to see the modern version of Hamlet at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Kolvovich describes this modern version of Hamlet as exciting and bold and mesmerizing. Kolkovich believes that the most interesting scene of the play is the conversation between the ghost and Hamlet because they are communicating using American Sign Language. This is very interesting to see in a play because I find that a ghost speaking in American Sign Language is odd yet create a different way to view Hamlet. Kolvovich argue that this scene completely target the audience and make them have sympathy toward Hamlet instead of Claudius. Kolvovich also believe that this version of Hamlet suggests that Gertrude knows that Claudius will use the cup to

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