Hamlet Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay Boxes are common inanimate objects that are found in most households. They are used to store objects that are unwanted or to hold gifts for loved ones. The theme of love in Hamlet on the other hand is an intense emotion that can not be found in every relationship. So with all of their differences what makes them alike? Imagine that someone is unpacking boxes and helping a friend move into their new place. They have just completed unwrapping all of the dishes and glassware, but failed to see the newspaper that floated past the trash can and onto the floor behind them. They step backwards and slip on the sheet of newspaper and fall into a box. The box rips, and they land flat on their back. There is an audible gasp…show more content…
Even though boxes have multiple uses, according to the article Boxes - Their Importance and Uses :“Boxes are commonly used as storage.” (The Green Book, 2012). Boxes are made to contain things, so it would be expected that they would be strong and not easily broken. In some instances the box may become fragile or worn out after being used multiple times. The same applies to the love shown in hamlet. When people first fall in love the emotion is strong and the relationship can last for what feels like forever as shown through Gertrude and King Hamlet’s love. This is due to how the “reward system is stimulated through very simple means,” so the smallest of touches or “even just thinking about” them can cause an “increase [in] elevated mood” (Fisher 2013). After time passes the butterflies and intensity of emotions dies down and there needs to be more effort put into the relationship to keep it going. This can cause break ups because of how little effort is put into showing the other person that love still exists in the relationship. The longer a relationship lasts the more fragile the connection and love between them gets, so if one person is not giving as much effort as the other because they believe that the other person should do all of the work then the relationship may fail. Through time and use both boxes and love can become so fragile that they may not be able to be
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