Hamlet Critical Analysis

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The soliloquy To Be or Not To Be is a famous piece in the play of Hamlet by W. Shakespeare. The play, Hamlet, was written around about 1601. This play has been translated into more modern English countless times and has been retold in theater and cinema enough that almost everyone now knows this story. This comparison will be of the performances of Benedict Cumberbatch who plays a World War II style version of the piece in 2015 and then again in 2017 and 2018 in encore, as well as the performance of Mel Gibson who plays a more traditional Hamlet in the 1990 movie of Hamlet. The performance by Benedict Cumberbatch was a performance which capitulated the audience as well as the emotions of the piece through its simplicity in set design and the detail and brightness of the costume which works to enhance his performance of the piece. This highly contrasts the performance of Mel Gibson, who is more dark and secretive. This makes the performance more cinematic, although it makes it harder to find Gibson, makes the meaning of the soliloquy darker and more emotive. Due to the excellent performances by both actors it makes it hard to determine which better captures the character of hamlet, however, through the use of tone and expression in the performances as well as the simple props and set design Cumberbatch’s performance better capitulates the emotions and meaning of Hamlet. The performance of Benedict Cumberbatch in this soliloquy is mostly expressive through his voice and the

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