Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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At the beginning of Hamlet, Hamlet gets a visit from the ghost of his dead father informing him that his brother Claudius was the one who killed him. He gives Hamlet the duty of killing Claudius in revenge and Hamlet agrees to do so. The task seems easy at first but as the play advances, Hamlet finds it tough to complete such a cruel task. I found it interesting how Hamlet’s hesitation to kill Claudius and get revenge for his father’s death drives him mad and ultimately causes the death of many innocent people, including himself.
If Hamlet would have just killed Claudius the first chance he had then he would have prevented many deaths. The play Hamlet put on for the royal court proved that Claudius was guilty so Hamlet was finally prepared to murder him. Hamlet quickly realizes that Claudius is praying alone and decides that he cannot kill him at that time because he does not want him to go to heaven. Hamlet felt that would not be satisfactory revenge. He really dislikes Claudius at this point in the play not only for secretly killing his father but also for marrying his mother and telling him to stop mourning. This gave me a negative impression of Claudius so of course I agreed with Hamlet’s decision not to kill him at that moment, unaware of what effects it would have on the other characters of the play. The delay gives Claudius too much time to set up the murdering of Hamlet and also time for Hamlet’s madness to be driven further.
When Hamlet goes to confront his mother

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