Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Death weighs heavily on the minds of Hamlet and Desiree as it turns out to be the only solution to escape from the world which brings them sadness and pain. “To be, or not to be; that is the question.” – the same question that both of these characters contemplate on how to deal with their life after they realised the grim truth about the people they should be able to trust most.
Hamlet and Desiree are the two unfortunate characters who were greatly hurt by the fact that the person who was their close relatives yet turned out to be betrayers in their life. Hamlet though was born in a noble family, he could not live in a house with happiness. He was devastated by his father’s death and betrayed by his mother’s marriage. He was the only character who was unwilling to play along with Claudius’s gaudy attempt to mimic a healthy royal court. The misery later accelerated even more as he was informed by an apparition of his dead father that the one who now wore his crown was his murderer. An uncle, a father’s brother, a mother’s husband, a step-father – with roles like these made it impossible for Prince Hamlet to believe that Claudius did all this to his own brother to later become King. (deve)
In the story “Desiree’s Baby”, Armand and Desiree are known to be husband and wife and together they had a baby. As a young mother, she is overjoyed with her infant and even more overjoyed to see the pride and joy the infant's father experiences. She reaches a level of happiness that almost

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