Hamlet 's Madness And Insanity

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Much has been has been discussed of Hamlet’s madness and insanity. There have been endless arguments of whether his madness is feigned or unfeigned. Although, minimal arguments have been made about Hamlet’s pessimism. Hamlet is one of Shakespeare 's most pessimistic plays, and as such it delivers the message that in a fallen world, reality often fails to match the ideal. The human experiences held up for pessimistic contemplation in Hamlet includes death, grief, loneliness, insanity, loss of meaning in life, breakdown of relationships, and the corruption of the basic institutions of life. Hamlet, as the main character, is the embodiment of such pessimism throughout the play. Hamlet’s proof of deep cynical pessimism shapes the way we…show more content…
“Madness, then, is not so much a metaphor as metonymy for death, a moment in which the materiality of the body overturns the authority of distinctions out of which coherent, unified subjectivity is constructed”(Coddon, 397). This is what Hamlet struggles with indefinitely, not only is hamlet’s madness metonymy for death, but he exemplifies such by making direct, pessimistic metaphors. Hamlet refers to the world in a metaphor as “an unweeded garden”, directing the audience to the cause of his despair. Perhaps he is indicating that like a garden, that which should be beautiful and natural has become confused and perverted. This is perhaps referring to his mother’s “incestuous” marriage to his uncle: marriage should be a beautiful, natural pure thing, but it is now perverted by incest. Hamlet concludes at the end of his soliloquy that just like an unweeded garden “it is not, nor it cannot come to good.” Hamlet’s assumption that it can not ever “come to good” is Hamlet’s pessimistic state of mind anticipating undesirable outcomes. Take Hamlet’s relationship with his mother for exemplification. Because Hamlet has been so disillusioned about love by his mother’s actions, he rejects the possibility that romantic love is an important part of human relationships. He is consumed by the outrageousness of his mother’s love for his uncle, and he rejects
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