Hamlet's Last Soliloquy

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How could one bringeth themselves to commit such murder. I am sick when I do think on him. Whither one hath used to be kin hath now transformed into foe. Merely a few weeks in Paris and mine father and sister has't departed this world. Thou know’st ‘tis common, all that lives must die. Passing through nature to eternity. But alas! Tis too soon. I shed no tears for I am overcome with such raging grief I cannot catch but a wink. The morning is dead as the sun greets me no more for I am only shadowed by the darkness of sorrow and betrayal. A selfish fool I hadst been. I betray mine father too. Mine wish to bend to France upon mine wilt mine father sealed his hard consent. Hadst I hath stayed in Elsinore and remained in grasp. All mine life I hadst wanted to escape from mine father. To be able to has't control ov'r mine own life. if 't be true he hadn’t been so impulsive, I’d has't nev'r hath left! But by heaven speak ill I shall no more for he is not partly to blame. . Bearing two children without the presence of a lady’s guidance, twas only in mine father’s good deed to protect…show more content…
That man is aware that he is like gold whereupon Ophelia is bronze, incapable of courting him. Didst Ophelia taketh heed on what I hath said ere I hath left to Paris? Even so, Hamlet could has't manipulated her into being with him for the sake of temporary lust while he grieved ov'r his dead father. Hamlet must be the source of that lady madness. But what if 't be true she didst taketh heed? Alas, what difference would t has't made? It fits her wisdom so far to believe it. Oh but my words betray my true love for my dearest Ophelia. I could not bring myself to watch. At which hour did her madness conquer? Such cowardice I bore. Oh rest well my sweet Ophelia. May she be the sweetest flower of all fields amongst the daisies and long purples, gentle and untouched. Sunshine where she smiles. Whither rain doest pour no more but only to
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