Han's Nightmares: A Narrative Fiction

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Distressed noise brought Han out of a deep sleep. "Leia" han called out in a half-sleepy voice. He nearly jumped out of bed when she suddenly sat up and screamed. The nightmare she was having had caused the scream. Labored breathing had consumed her. Han pulled Leia into his arms and held her tight against his chest. "Leia, it's okay, I'm here" He reassured her. A cough like choking sound that came from Leia, made Han look down. To only see that she had thrown up a bit on his nightshirt. Han gave a soft sign "Leia are you going to be okay" He asked as he let go of her with one of his arm and reach down to grab the small trash can that sit on the side of the bed. Leia hadn't answered his question, her breathing had slowed up was still …show more content…

It was chewbakka. he called a concerned question [ I heard screaming] He then saw that Leia was sick. [is she going to be okay] "She woke up suddenly from a nightmare, so I think she will be okay." Han replied to the Wookie. as he continued to rub leia's back. Leia pulled her head up from the trash can and spat a bit. She then rested her head on Han's shoulder. "are you done with the trash can?" Han asked her. "yea" she responded in a soft hoarse voice. Han set the trash can back on the floor. Chiew gave out another call [You have it on your shirt] "yea, I know" Han said. Leia slowly sat up and looked at Han's shirt. "sorry" she said softly. Han took the shirt off carefully and tossed it on the floor. "It's okay, do you want me to get you some water." he was consered "I can get it, i want to splash some water on my face too" she replied and got out of bed and walked into the refresher. Han got up and grabbed both his shirt and the trash can. he walked out of the room and threw his shirt in the laundry bin. He then took the bag out of the trash can and threw it out. He washed his hands and headed back to the …show more content…

It's always me seeing the last moments but this time it was more vivid. I always felt more guilty, but now that..." leia was speaking, then stopped suddenly and started sobbing again. cluching to Han. "leia, what's wrong, you can tell me" he said. "I'm a Monster" she sobbed out. Han was confused by what she said. "What do you mean by that" he asked, wondering why she said that. "My, Real FAther.. Anikiin" she said as her voice rose. Han knew her real father was Anikin Skywalker, but he was still confused. "didn't he die years ago, what dose he have to do with this" he

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