The Falcon: A Short Story

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After leaving Tattioine and metting up with the rebles. Han was whisked away to th medical bay. scanned and thrown in the bac. tank for safe merusres. he now sat in bed in one of the bunk rooms. "I don't get why I can't rest on the Falcon." "They want you near by so they can keep an eye on you" Leia awnsered. as she climbed into bed next to him. "once you have been cleared, you can go hide out on the falcon" "we, once I've been cleared. I'm taking you to the falcon. and make lov to you all night long" Han gave Leia is ocky smile "sound wonderful" Leia yanwed and snulgged up to Han The two were cuddled up and peacefully alseep. anyone who had stopped by in hopes of visting Han if he wasn't alseep would find the pair cuddled up. the word spread around…show more content…
Right now we are getting ready for a ocne time chance to stop the emipre;s seound death star. if we don't stop them here, who knows what will happen to us or this galaxay. they need to worry less about us and more about the mission" Han was sure Leia was about to start fighting people. When the Endor battle came to an end. the death of the epmoer and vader was celibrated across the gallaxy. Leia and Han now sat alone looking up at the sky. "Han, i need to tel you something" Leia said softly. "what's bugging you,Leia?" Han asked "You know how, i told you Luke is my brother. it turns out our brith father Ankin.. he wasn't killed be Vader" Leia spoke, her heart beat i her throut. "so he is alive?" Han wondered "no, Anikin is dead because he is vader" Leia sobbed out. Han just held her tight. "Leia, let me tell you something right now. Who your birth father is, dose not matter to me. I love you for who you are. we have been threw so much and nothing could ever turn me away from you," Leia sat in slince before speaking "I love you" "I know" Han resopuned life makes love look hard. The stakes are
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