Happiness And Happiness : My Path To Happiness

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Everyone has their own idea to what happiness truly is. Some believe that happiness comes from the heart while others believe money contributes to it. Pursuing a career in any field anyone wants to specialize in can bring happiness as well. As I read many different articles about whether money or spirituality have anything to do with someone’s happiness, I concluded that my happiness does depend on these two important topics. Also, there are laws in this country that forbids their citizens to be happy such as, the immigration reform happening now. There are many reasons why people are happy; as well as, many reasons why people are affected by other people’s happiness in a positive or negative way. By researching different articles on happiness, I know my path to happiness is viable. Many people have issues with the immigration reform that is happening now in their country. According to Rafael Bernal, in Arizona a mother of two citizens has was about to be deported because of her immigration status (“Panic Setting in Among Hispanics Over Deportation”). There are millions of illegal immigrants whose happiness is being destroyed or about to be because of the new enforced laws being into to place. Some may say that illegal immigrants should not have the same privileges as citizens because they are here illegally. However, these illegal immigrants came to the United States of America to have the “American Dream” that all immigrants are trying to pursue in this country. In the same hand, my parents came to this country to give themselves a better opportunity than the one they had in their country. My family living here in California are legal immigrants from Mexico, but I am hispanic and feel what these families are going through being separated and having to start over in their country that they tried leave to have a better life. For this reason, What kind of lifestyle would make me happy? There different types of lifestyles people can prefer to be happy, but to me religion and spirituality are important concepts in my life to be at peace, in harmony, and happy. According to the Dalai Lama, in order to be live a joyful life people must have their mind at peace and know the differences between what pleasures and

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