Happiness In A Can Analysis

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Happiness in a Can In a subway car full of regular people, one man stands out. While the subway regulars sitting in silence or engage in quiet conversation, one man laughs loudly. The manner and volume at which he laughs is largely noticeable, and everyone on the train car begins to laugh. All of the passengers are smiling and laughing, turning to others to share this strange but pleasant moment. Once the advertisement is nearing its end, a few of the passengers unzip their hoodies to reveal shirts with the Coca-Cola logo, and they begin giving passengers cans of their soda and cards with their signature red and white colors with a smiley face. The passengers turn to look at each other once again, still laughing and smiling, but this time in disbelief of what had just happened. While the main part of the ad brought me joy and laughter, the introduction of a product made the whole event feel fake and artificial. What does a can of soda have to do with happiness? One of the first observations I made during this ad was the kind of people featured in it. A subway car full of average people, probably commuting to work in the city or on…show more content…
The infectious laughter of the man in the advertisement draws viewers in, making them laugh along, which is is a great tactic to help make a product memorable. However, the fact that there is no mention of the product until the end of the ad makes it seem like the company threw their company on at the end instead of really involving it throughout the video. It also makes the laughter shown in the commercial seem artificial in how it seems like these people on the subway are sharing a joyful moment together, but in reality it was all set up for a commercial. I struggled to find the connection between a can of soda and happiness, despite the fact that this was the entire purpose of the
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